Kat Eyes
2002-07-23 19:59:31 (UTC)

july 23, 2002

it has been crazy since i've been back! first of all, dad
and lissa went to jaimaca on sunday afternoon. what does
that mean? someone has to watch us. but noooo they couldn't
gte michelle to watch us! it HAD to be matt and mylissa!
mean matt and annoying mylissa w/ 2 lil kids who won't shut
up! and brandi has a boyfriend now and i have a new one. he
lives across the street and his name is nick. and brandi's
boyfriend also lives across the street and his name is joe.
but joe's a redneck and hes kinda wierd. i accidently told
lissa how old cody was and she wigged out ( i don't blame
he...he is 18) and she said that my dad was gonna freak
too. (that was something i had totally forgotten about) so
i made her a deal: i'd break up w/ cody and she wouldn't
tell dad. she made it a deal. but in the end, after i did
break up w/ him, she told dad anyways. actually, thats not
true. i called cody and i told hi that my parents were
pissed b/c of how old cody was. he said to just try and lay
low and it'd probably blow over. i said i'd do that and i'd
try to fix it (even though in reality i knew i couldn't) so
i told him i'd try. so technically i didn't break up w/
him. but i told everyone that i had. then i met nick.
danielle spent the night last week and she knows nick and
all that so she invited them over. and i guess we both grew
to like each other, b/c he asked me out last night.
danielle liked(or likes) him though! joe and brandi both
thought nick and i should go out but i kept saying "no b/c
danille will hate me and i can never see him" but last
night nick IMed me on aol and he asked me out and i said
ok. i dunno what made me do it but i said ok. something
else i have to bring up. the night that danielle went back
home, i was supposed to go bowling w/ jenn and heather from
drama. you know, cosmic bowling from 9 to 12. well after
danielle left i went over to nicks house to see if he
wanted to go for a walk or something. he said he was taking
his niece and nephew out fishing in the ditch/stream thingy
by our houses, but he invited me to come. (i had told dad
and lissa that i was going for a walk around the block)
well i ended up fishing w/ them foor about 45 min. and the
after they were done nick and i walked around for another
45 min. ! i got in so much trouble dad came and looked for
me on the LAWN MOWER but, luckily, he couldn't find me. so
they just got into the suburban and drove around looking
for me. i was kinda embaressed, but not as embarresed as i
would have been if he had pulled up in the freggin lawn
mower. so he was pissed as all holy hell and i never went
bowling. but from then on lissa and dad didn't like nick
(even though the walk was MY IDEA not nicks) and they don't
wan me to see him or him to come over to the house. and
brandi's redneck joe comes over 24/7 and h=shes on the
phone w/ him right now. i did a bad thing when i told her
she could talk to him using my phone. b/c they're still
talking and i gave her the phone over 45 min. ago. and last
night omg it was so awesome. i really wanted to see nick
and brandi really wanted to see joe so i took the screen
off my window and we got themto come over and see us. it
was so awesome. i haven't kissed nick yet, but i have a
feeling we'll kiss soon. i'm gonna try and get him to come
over and see me tonight. the funniest thing was that matt
doesn't even know! the frogs were so loud last night that
matt didn't hear us sneaking out of my bedroom window. nick
was sliding around our yard b/c we had a huge rainstorm
earlier yesterday and the ground was saturated. so nick was
sliding around the yard and brandi was on some stomach
medication that i gave her b/c her stomach hurt like a
bitch so she was actin wierd and joe was freakin out. it
was so awesome. and we're gonna do it again tonight. it
was pretty great though. and today brandi and i went
outside for a walk and joe came w/ us and nick did too. and
nick took myhand and held it and it was so sweet! ok, well
i can't reaqlly think aout anything else to talk about but
i'll get online tomorrow and write about what happens