The Men in my Life
2002-07-23 19:14:44 (UTC)

Alec ( Next Day )

Well the next day I came in early so that I could give in
my payment ( poor me ..... Yeah Right!!!!!! LOL) And sure
enough he was there waiting with a smile! I went into the
room and said... oK I'm here to give you yourr massage. So
I did and OH MY GOD does he have a tight BODY!!!! Dame....
He was loving it to. I felt kind of odd but I didn't care
at that point I was already doing it. What would people
say....oh well.

I finished it and he said that it was the best he has ever
had (LOL). I was like good I'm glad you enjoyed it. So off
I went to work. By the time I walked into the my office,
John says "so I here you giving free massages" Oh hell no!
I thought dame that was I said hey he paid for