The Men in my Life
2002-07-23 19:03:39 (UTC)


First let me say I'm not a good speller so please forgive
any words that are

Where should I start.

My friend Alec
Oh what a man!!!!! He is Latino and 5"11. Light brown hair
and dark brown eyes. Muscular and great abs.....ooooooo

He is a security guard where I work and in his office he
can see everything because he is surrounded by glass.
basically he is a I really have never payed much
attention to him but lately... He has been very

One Morning I came into work and he was sitting at the desk
and I went to punch in and he smiled at me and asked me to
come in. I walked in and went to go give hima kiss on the
cheek ( spanish custom )and he gave me a hug. He asked if I
was late for work ( NO ) and we talked much about nothing.
Well that was it and I left. Later on that day I went to
pick up lunch and sat at the securty office waiting for
pizza. We talked about what he did that weekend and then he
asked me for a massage....LOL I laughed and said you
wish....( it's not what I really wanted to say but I
couldn't stop my mouth ) He seemed a bit sad about it. Then
my friend shows up and walks right in and gives me a
massage without even me asking....Hilarious!

I got the pizza and left. My friend John was going to go
get some soda and he asked if I wanted one...( this was
right after I had gotten the pizza ) I only had 50 cents
and I needed 25 more. Since John is Alec friend I told John
to tell Alec if he could spare 25 cents for my soda I would
give him a massage....LOL slick right! LOL

Affective was my plan. I got my soda and then Alec called
John and told him that he would be waiting....and he wanted
15min not I got off work and when I reached the
office he was getting ready to go. Oh well I told him no
massage for you maybe tomorrow. LOL Evil yes I'm