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Had a Bad Day Again....
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2001-07-04 04:00:15 (UTC)


Ok, I am all bugeyed tonite. I don't know whats wrong with
me, I have been so emotionally unstable lately. I don't
know what the deal is. I talked to Kassie tonite on msn. I
miss her so much, that old hussie needs to get her butt
back here. cause I can't deal without my best friend.
Hopefully she'll get a car soon and will come back.
Joe has been callin again. Which is sooooo, confusing. I
don't know why everytime I start to forget about him, he
starts calling again. I mean I love him to death, but
Gosh, he confuses me, worse than I already am.
I talked to Chris Tonite on aol for a lil while. but not
long. I hope that things start going better for him again
soon. I'm really worried about him. I wish that Jeremy
was around for him to talk to. Cause I know that it would
really help him to be able to talk to someone about it. He
seemed really down. Which I know that I would be too, I
was when Jennifer died, I was down and out of it for like 5
months, I just hope he pulls through it better than I did.
cause on top of his friends death, other things have been
goin wrong too. Man, I wish the best for him. I know
he'll be fine though, He's a strong guy, and like the bible
says, if God is on our side, who can be against us?
Life is so unfair sometime. I know that death comes, and
it has to, but i just wish that children and teenagers were
off limits. I'm not saying that loosing an older person is
any better or easier than loosing a younger person, but
with a younger person, they didn't even get to live life.
So it's kinda different. But I understand that our God is
so mighty and he knows that we as teenagers need our eyes
opened to something higher than, school, friends,
ourselves, our parents, and our b/f, g/f's. He knows that
death is the only thing that will open our eyes to him. To
show us that he is in control of everything. So I can see
why he does it. and I understand. But, it's hard to go
through. Very Very hard.
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