Life, no one gets out alive?
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2002-07-23 17:03:27 (UTC)

New medicine, horrible concequences

Okay so the alst time I updated I had just went to AXIS
(the gay club) it was awesome the drag show was . . . i
have not word to describe it. ummm had drrinking goodness 2
weeks ago it was fun trying to set up a tent in pitch
blackness while 2 of the 4 people there were smashed. *I
drank more than they did in a shorter amount of time and i
was still sober.but I had a goood time regardless.

Ummm been avoiding "the square" or "Downtown" as I am just
getting board, finally after 7 years.

Been hanging out with "the group" again lately and i have
enjoyed it quite thoroughly(sp?). 2 people in the group are
acting really nice and for those boys it is a scary and odd
thing. Quite disturbed but happy to see them being human.

Started taking the pill. ummm no not having sex but witht
he situations I have been getting into probably good idea.
ummm also taking it to make that time of the month more
bearable. Dilema though, I have been on it for a little bit
now and 2 days after I started it I started to have panic
attacks. And things started to affect me a little too
easily *I started balling my eyes out for no reason*. So,
my theory is if this continues I will have to go off of
them because I cannot become an emotional reck and get away
with it. What the panic attacks and thingns feel like is
being hit with a depression with out any warning just all
of a sudden a brick wall comes and hits you out of no
where. it isn't a fun feeling. But I think realizing what
is going on is helping and knowing that I have been having
trouble is making me take an extra minute to think things
through. So I hot that works out for me.

Umm that is all for now don't want to get into anything
else not that there really is anything. okaies bubye.