Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-07-23 16:43:34 (UTC)

Just another day(sigh)

It's jus another day all alone in the house with nothing to
do. I'm bored out of me mind, and it's to hott to go
outside, i think it's a code red day and i have really bad
allergies so i'm not even gonna try skateboarding today. i
dont feel like going to the pool becuase i'm jsu so sick of
swimming. i have divisonals comming up and of corse i have
to practice twice as much because again the damn swim
team "needs" me. i dont understand y the hell they dont jus
get up off their lazy asses and practice like i do, then it
wouldent matter if i swam or not. well anyway, i'm jus
dowenloading music now and i'm thinking about how much i
wanna get my belly button peirced. I keep begging my
parents but they say i'm to young and they think it gives
off a bad immage. BULLSHIT! i'm 13 and my cousins have way
more shit like my cousin who is 15 has a tatoo nad almost
evorything peirced, and it looks awsome. I'm going to get a
tatoo like on my boob and not tell my parents, lol. they
will never see it so watever, lol he he. my mom jus calle
and she's on her way home and id rather be bored all day at
home then spend time with her. damnit! well, imma be goin

current music:Incubus-"warning"

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