2002-07-23 16:32:37 (UTC)

Finally...I am out of my own prison.....

Hey all, how's it hanging?? Not 2 bad here. I am so happy!!
Never been better...just everything is fallin together. I
think. Gary and me are so much in love. Just feels like
everything is working. Me and him have gotten so much
closer by being with each other everyday. We always have so
much fun together. And it's not even all sexual. We havent
had sex in a almost a month and it just feels great not
having a realtionship based on sex. He even told me that he
doesent want a realtionship based on that. HE helped me get
outta the house of hell. I used to live with my ex and his
family and I was like thier personel slave to do anything
for them. I hated it. I was starting to get so sick becuz
they threaned to kick me out for everything. I am in love
with someone and they wouldent allow me to see him anymore
and they are not even my parents or legal gaurdains. I
couldent eat I was so sick. Gary put his job on the line to
help me, I told him I had enough of thier shit and told him
if he wouldent help me I would just walk out and leave. He
said no I am comming to get u before work, and he did, and
we ran outta gas like 3 miles from my ex's house...and his
mom had to come and get us a gas can and money for gas, and
then we went to his house and he didn't end up goin in to
work that day. He almost got fired. But his boss is really
cool. And he understood. But now I am here and just
everyday it seems like me and him are getten closer and
closer each day we are together. Just everything seems to
be perfect right now. Just keeps getten better and
better. :) Well I am outta here, I LOVE GWT!! ~Kim

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