The Daily Babble
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2001-07-04 03:24:49 (UTC)

Not bad...not bad...

Well today wasn't half bad....I got to work a lil late cuz
I stopped off at RiteAid to get some stuff and then drive
to work. But I was only 10 minutes and it didn't even
matter cuz no one else was there....The morning was pretty
mellow with some phone calls ...and I actually got a lotta
work accomplished so that was good.

I had Boston Market for lunch today, it was pretty good,
but all I had was a salad, a sandwich minus the meat, and
cornbread. Hehe. I called Jeff when Muhammed went to get
lunch and we talked for a lil bit.

Carney had a lot of patients but I kept it under control
for the most part....One lady got fresh with me but I took
care of her. =-)

I handled things by myself for the most part cuz Nimra was
in NY for some interview. She didn't get back til late
afternoon...And I stayed at work til almost 6PM...Jeff
called around 5 and I told him how me and Nimra are going
to go to the house tomorrow to check it out and see if she
wants to live there for the summer. So we'll see what

Oh at home, my baby Jui called!!! I talked to her for a
while..she is just so cute! She was telling me about her
Barbie dolls that her dad just got her and I told her how
my dad never bought me Barbies, so she said "Come live with
me and my dad will buy you Barbies, I don't mind". I love
that girl! So I talked to her for a while and then I
talked to my uncle...I hope I can go over there mid/late
August! So wish me luck!

Well I guess that's all for now...tomorrow I'm gonna go to
work for a few hours so that should be interesting...And to
the'll be nice to see some of the guys....


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