Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-07-23 15:46:25 (UTC)

The Role Playing Game is going nowhere

I never was one for stories, probably why I always got
higher marks for personal essays and the like as opposed
to short stories etc. Personal essays were easy to me, the
story was already there, it was my story. The story of my
life. If I could remember most of what happened in my
life, I could probably write one of the best essays in my
life, on my life. I'm going off on a tangent again. The
point of this entry is to whine at my inability to write a
decent script for my RPG, "Eternal Light" (I know, the
title sucks but I was adamant I wasn't
putting "Final", "Phantasy" or "Fantasy" in my title. My
game is already full of stolen ideas, I'm not going to
steal a title as well. And contrary to what Ian think,
this isn't some Atomic Kitten/Bangles inspired title). I
could make a plan for it but I have never did that in
anything I've done, except for the History essay I did in
third/fourth year but I only did a plan for that because
it had to be done. I have no creative abilities so I have
to steal ideas that have already been established and
proven to work.

Except when I do them, they're predictable and obvious. As
well as badly done. My game sucks. RPG Maker 2000 is quite
handy since it requires very little programming knowledge
to make most of it run but it is limited by the same
thing. Since I haven't got any programming skills, it'll
just have to do. I'll get it done eventually but its going
to be a LONG process. I've only got 20 minutes worth of
gameplay, and I want it to be at least 10 hours long. Very
ambitious of my first game but I have had 4 different
versions of it so I know what to do. Its just getting the
time and mind focus to do it.

I will have it finished.

I will have at least 5 hours of gameplay by September.

I'll have that one as well as losing weight and all that.

I'm going to be a better person.

I will be a better person.

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