Book Of Shadows
2001-07-04 02:58:11 (UTC)

Man, my life has had such..

Man, my life has had such better days...what is wrong with
me? will I ever know? I have to know damn it...


My birthdays coming up...17th of july...Man...i wish i
was 6 again...when my parents wanted to do stuff with me,
or do stuff period. This birthday marks me getting a
job..and me paying for car inseruance. A usual, I got a
card from my grandparents, no money, not even signed...I
wonder if they even cared. I still dont have a girlfriend,
man it would be easier if i did. Someone to share my
feelings with, to share how i really feel, the feeling of
knowing someone actually cares...

It doesn't look good here, im alienated by my own age,
and alienated from people older than me. Cant win.
It's just one of those days you wish you never woke up.

Talking to this girl chanelly really helps alot. Black
hair, beautiful eyes...i wish she was closer, But like always messes you up a lil bit. Someone so far
away, yet so close, it's sad.

I hope tomorrow it gets better n stuff, because the world
usted to be so bright, now its as dark as when you turn off
the lights for the first time at night.

I guess i'll keep this short......

Til the next page, bryan