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2002-07-23 14:37:59 (UTC)

A day with skateboraders and at the club

Well if you have been reading my diary I go to this beach
club in sea gate. Its boreing over there. So yesterday I
stayed with all the skateboraders which are cool. There was
Anthony, Danny, Rob, G, Howie. Well this kid Howie is cool
but hes always high or sumthing. there skated around and I
listened to some muzik(disterbed) which is awsome. so till
like 8:30 at night Anthony's mom was call us so I went back
to the club and ate some chinese food. Then the club closed
at 9 and I went to L&B Pizza. so i ate to dinners and ice
cream. everyone talked then we left at like 10 so then i
went to sleep. i woke up today thinking it was going to b a
good day but it isn't cuz nun of my days are good or happy.
so bye talk prob again today.

~Have a Nice day~


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