DayDream Believer
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2002-07-23 13:59:35 (UTC)

Our special night

So there he was, comming towards me, I was wondering if I
should give him a hug, but I didnt.
We started talking at once, as we walked by his hous and a
little bit futher to some swings and a bench.
I sat down and he sat donwn on the same side, we talked, he
said that he was cold and I took his heands to warm them
up, he said that he was cold all over him I came closer
over to my side, then he kissed me..

We started kissing for real, and I remember thinking; "oh,
now Im in big truble"
Afther a while he said thet I could come inside with him,
but I could only stay for two hours, since his whole famely
was home (his two brothers and their girl friend who live
away from home) and thay where getting up early to gp for a
I was like okey and came with him.
I was so glad when I walked in that door, cause I have
always been wondering how its like inside, and how it would
be if I came to see him there as he has invited me to a
million times before.
When we was in his room we got naked at once and went up
in his beed, there we was kissing and stuff..
He wanted to sleep with me (have sex I mean) but I said no.
(I had to be gone in two hours, not exactly romantic) so I
did not want to.
Then he fall asleep, it was so good to lay there next to
him, and I wish that it could be like that forever.
I feelt aleep to an his chest;-) wow, I cant describe how I
great I feelt, but stil somehow I knew that it was the
first and last time.
He wake me up, I said that I should go (didnt wannted to
feel like he kicked me out) ans S* asked me to stay, I said
that I could`nt .
He was like come on, 30 more minutes, and then 15..
But I said that I had to be going because soon my family
would wake up and find out that I didnt came home from
town.. He was like "dont be stupid, stay!!"
But I could not..

Then something happend that Im not sure is fair to me and
him to write here.
But I could tell you that it ended with me puttiong on all
my clothes and walk away. I tryes to go over to his beed
and kiss him goodbye, but he took his armes over his head
so I could not come near his face.
That made me feel if possible even more cheaper and like a
slut and I took a final look at the room and left.
What I sow was the S* lying in his beed, but I also sow one
more thing; the glass that I had brought to him last
summer standing on the tome of a shelf, it made me feel a
little bit better and alive agen.
And then I had tro walk my self home.

When I came home I stil feelt dirty, like a slut, even
thought I did not sleep with him!
I wanted to take a shower so the feeling would go away, but
then the smell of him that had infected on me would go
away, so I didnt.
I had breakfast alone, read a newspaper said hello to my
mum who was going out to the animals and went to beed.