the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-04 02:39:41 (UTC)

wranglers .. kickers ... Me ...and my annoying aunt !!!



OKAY .. i have had it .. are there no desent guys left ..
like here we go last night i found out Bubba .. u know not
the one i am in love with but the one i meet like not to
long ago .. does not like me .. and he is a major player
and well .. i don't have time for losers like him anyway ..
he is just a bump in the road .. .. He was not all that
good looking anyway .. so hahahaha whats up now .. boy ..
ne ways .. ATTAENTION i went to Mexico today and umm it
was way to sadi for me .. like all the kids running around
calling out for money to buy food the push huslers and
store owners ,... McCall not getting her margarita b/c
everyone did not want to stop .. and i brought my Aunt ..
my Dad and Jordan ( the 10 year old cuz) and OMG i was all
WTF this is soooo sad .. and then I have my Aunt going ..
McCall get me this go and do this and Jordan going mommy
mommy buy me this .. i did not ask for anything .. and
Jordan got like 100 dollars worth of stuff .. junk to be
exact .. and like i am all here well dad i don't realy see
anything i want .. i mean yes i regret that but hey i
thought well ya know i have a brithday coming up and they
are going to have to through a party and buy a new car and
all kinds of stuff so i am all no Dad its cool i don't need
a toe ring .. or . no Dad I don't see anything i really
like .. all the time in the back of my mind i am all I want
that .. Man that would be nice to have .. but u see i did
not wanna be like that ... .. so ne ways yeah my Dad wanted
to buy me stuff i know he did he told me wanted to but i
would not let him ! so how is that for a model kid .. i
could not deal with all the crys and shouts and heat ! OMG
it was sooo hot and we are talking NO wind ! it smelt of
septic tank .. and there was water every where i mean it
was not bad as far as water but like the peiple are maniacs
there ... it is Crazy .. ! okay yeah I am thinking of
getting some wranglers i mean why not it would be a trip
for Darcy to see me in them :) hehehehe i think it would
flip her and trey out :) .. I dunno i mean just this
once .. oh yeah 8 days till she comes back .. .. humm I
have not talked to Manda today i should call her okay and
here is another thing i wanted to talk about .. i have
tried to have paticens with my aunt who is 31 and almost
300 ppunds like she gets up and goes and acts like a
teenager and she is so annoying .. i mean she is all McCall
go and set me out a hair dryer and a comb and your powder
and curling iron and a brush .. i am all what ? I was
thinking i hate to let people use my make up .. and i mean
it is just gross to me .. i mean .. it is .. i have to hide
my spunggy thingy b/c i don't want her or her nasty boys to
get it .. god .. i mean she is like sitting on her but not
doing anything for herself and i know my dad is about to
pull his hair out and my mom is all hopefully regretting
this so bad .. i knew this was not a good ides to bring 2
young rambunctious kids who have never been here and a fat
woman who takes 40 mins to get to the car to our house !I
am not having a good time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grrrr i mean i am really about to hurt someone .. but ne
ways .. i guess i will go but you know what i wanna talk to
Jeff .. he really is perfect for me .. :) i wish i could
have him ;) but he lives to far away i mean i am almost
sure he would not hurt me
lates ~ Mac