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2001-07-04 02:38:06 (UTC)

July 3, 2001

This really sucks. I never get to go anywhere or do
anything. My mom is so overprotective and paranoid. What
is her fucking problem? I don't know but whatever it is
she better fix it soon or in a while we are gonna have an
all-out battle. We are talkin serious shit now. She's
tryin to keep me from hangin out w/the people I want to, by
saying that i have "poor planning." Well, I know that's
not the case. And she's also freakin out cuz a lot of my
friends are older than me...doesn't that say anything at
all about my maturity level? In other words, I'm a little
bit more mature and responsible than she probably thinks.
But anyway, back to the subject. So today has been the
worse day possible. By far the worse day of summer
vacation, at least so far, who knows what tomorrow may
bring. But I wake up this morning, feeling like shit and I
get in the shower and it doesn't help so I'm like hey there
is a problem here. Then I feel sick at work all morning,
too sick to go back after my lunch break. Which I didn't
really want to work anyway, it is so boring. Not like I
would be doing anything else except sit around the house,
but still. At least I'm getting paid to be bored out of my
mind, instead of being bored and eating everything in my
fridge. Anyway, so after that my mom and my sisters went
across the bay for softball game and left me here alone to
figure out how mine and sheri's little plan was gonna
work. So then later on my mom gets home and I'm actually
feeling better and I ask her if I can go see fireworks and
stay at sheris house and shes all like well you cant stay
at her house because you have "poor planning" with this
whole thing but if sam is driving then you can go see
fireworks. even though i knew the real reason that i
couldnt stay the night is cuz my mom doesnt want me to stay
there cuz we are of different races and that really fuckin
pisses me off. But anyway so I call sheri's house and
she's not even there, she had already left to go to
fireworks and sam, who was sposed to be my ride didnt get
off work til 10 so that basically ruined the whole thing.
anyway so that part of the plan completely backfired and
now i'm stuck at home when i could be seeing fireworks
w/some guys and sheri and that would have been so great.
but anyway let me stop before i get really pissed off
again, i have let off most of my energy into writing this
so hopefully that will calm me down for a little while.
but anwayz, on the 2nd half of mine and sheri's
little "plan." well, it's too early too decide if that
part is gonna work out. i know my mom won't be home all
day, she'll be across the bay half the day and then she'll
be going to work for the other half so i don't know what's
gonna happen. i really wanna go to this guy's house but i
don't think that's gonna happen w/my luck...somehow that
will probly get f-ed up too, right when i think i'm gonna
get to go. anyway, well i'm sittin here havin a
conversation w/"E" lol about balls...this is interesting
lol. what i don't understand is why all guys want you to
do is give them head...damn, it's such a shame what this
world is coming to.......