The meanderings of a mind
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2001-07-04 02:37:14 (UTC)

kid writings

I was cleaning out my memory box and I found this little
begging to something that won't end. I wanted to throw the
paper away, but not the memory or the idea that I once had
so I'm putting it here.


Morning came on cats feet; steafully moving in over the
city. Quick and quiet like a cat hunting its prey. The
burgeoning sunlight tickled the edges of the sky, burning
away the chill of the night and lifting the fog. THe sounds
of the awakening town permeated the streets as the burning
ball of orange fire, that was the sun, crested the treetops.
A new day had been born.
Madison Grant moaned under the onslaught of the bright
sunlight. She rolled over hiding her head benath the
pillow. MOrning had come all too soon. Life was so much
easier when the world was asleep. THere was a loud yelp in
the hallway and her door burst open. She barely had time to
lift her head before she was smashed into her bed under the
suffocating weight of her brother Michael's bocer Onyx.
Welcome to her life.
"GET HIM OFF!!!!" Male laughter puncuated Madison's demand
above the loud din of barking. "Down Onyx!!!! Stupid DOG!"
Onyx merely panted happily and licked at her face. TOssing
her head, dodging the slobbering tongue, she shoved against
the massive dog. "Mike if you don't get this damn dog off
me, I'm gonna kick your ass!" Miraculously the weight
vanished. Wiping dog slobber from her cheek, Madison sat up
ready to confront her brother. Only the guy filling her
doorway was certainly NOT Mike.
"Good morning." Jeff Bryant smiled ruthfully (IS THIS A
WORD?) at Madison's rumpled stare. "Mike told me to get you
up." At a loss for words, Madison settled on throwing a
pillow at his handsome, laughing face. The white slash of a
smile grew wider in the dark tan of his face as he easily
caught the frilly pillow. "Hell, Madison. I thought Mike
would rather I let Onyx jump up you than me, NO matter how
much I would have liked to be laying on top of you, maybe I
could have even licked you a little."
He sounded so serious it was all Madison could do to stay
mad. Instead of laughing like she wanted she flipped up her
middle finger. In two long stries Jeff was staning by her
bed. Then unexpectedly he was stradling her hips. Smiling
unwavering, he caught her hands avove her head, his weight
pressing her back into the mound of pillows a Onyx had done
only moments earlier....

and there is no more. I didn't correct errors. Probably
created even more as I typed without looking at what I was
typing. But that is pretty much what it said. I believe
this is from the 8th grade.....