chandra lee
2001-01-09 00:42:35 (UTC)

hey im back ,. lol thats sounds..

hey im back ,. lol thats sounds funny. well what the hell
have yall been up to ? me nothing much ., my parents are
doing better they are gettting everything out into the
openning. if you know what that means. well i think im
about to dye my hair color again i mean you cansee my nasty
dark roots and they are bugginng me. anyways 911 i need
some help i have a boy freind but hes in college im 16 hes
19 my parents love him and his parents love me to . he
lives across the street from me . and thats how i met him .
lol. anyways i have some other feelings for others at my
school . i mean they are so cute at school and i see them
every day , yet i know i have a man but i still flirt but
hell thats jsut me . major flirt here!~ i really like my
man . his name is jonathan by the way . but he is soo much
like me . he loves haveing sex and so do i im not really
affraid to say that either cuz its my life and im living it
not anyone else . and i use protection too i get the shot .
that shit hurts though . i hate needles. . i think im
onlreally gonna be a teen for alittle while and im gonna
live it till i die. as long as i do it the right way. i
still dont know what to do about these boy things.. i am
going crazy its like someone turned my hormones way up!!
^lol well anyways gotta go now my man is here ....
peace out everyone/....
love chandra lee