sheesh ya fuck
2002-07-23 10:49:50 (UTC)

where is god almighty when you need him?

hahaha today i slept in really fucking late
like till 2 i havent slept that much for awhile me and
cristene went to the dollar store and picked up chris
mattheww and jessica we hung out at chris's house for a
bit then took evreyone home me matt chris and jessica
drove to hic ville and clam baked my car and chronnic the
cat....jessica drove home and we swam......what an purpose-
full day yeah ohh well chris likes his nipples to be i went to sallys and bought stuff to dread
my hair...beeswax and spray waz and a weired teasing comb all set! i feel like im 10 years old right
now..ed never called me back..ive tried to get a hold of
him...i still havent got to see elizabeth its been a year
or some shit..she was in rehab forever...i know though she
s going to start tweeking again considering shes soo proud
of the arrest and shit. chlorine makes us itchy.....what
the hell is hell