Death's Sweet Kiss
2001-07-04 01:45:16 (UTC)

old entry

What you read below is actually an old entry from May


May 02, 2001.
I'm getting better at speaking
swedish, and soon I hope to have my Sweish site up......
man, I love Liselotte's work more everytime I see it, it's
so beautiful. And I also, by mistake found Lars' (one of
liselotte's friends and a model for her pics) homepage!
It's great, you should chek it out. I'll put a link to it
on my other page in the Paths section. So chek it out and
sign his guestbook. I have decided today, that I will no
longer have anything to do with people like Matt and David,
they are always butt-hurt and causing other people pain,
not to mention Emily... gah, I don't know how i can even
breath around her.
I don't know if anyonre else has noticed
it, but I am way more withdrawn latley, oh bother, what
does it matter if anyone notices? I am still angry with
Rachel and the whole group, what's new? Anyway, life goes
on. I hope I can go to another concert soon, maybe
Blindside? mmm yes, and then I can sing in Swedish with
them. that would be great. Wow, this is longer than I
thought... and rather boring so I will go now. Sorti.
Recipe for a Day like this:
Hate: gigantic social studies tests. Writers block
Love: Ice cream
Aspiration: a new story idea about.. well I can't say who...
Plead: Stephen ....
In love: no one.. ahhhhh wonderful lonliness... _