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2002-07-23 08:26:06 (UTC)

My life has problems coming from every direction! And it hurts! :(

I told Emma that Steve gave me head, and that I wasn't
really sure that I wanted it to happen or not, but I let
him anyway, and so she promised me she wouldn't say
anything, and she went straight to Steve. I cannot believe
that she did that, I can never trust her ever again!

She said that I told her that he pinned me down and I kept
saying no, and then he did it, but thats not true, and then
she said that steve said that I asked him to do it, and I
NEVER said that, wow, that makes me sound like a slut, but
I would never ask someone to do that, even if I was going
out with the person. Steve is really pissed off with me,
and he wasn't talking to me, we were at school and he was
sayin that I was a heartless bitch coz when we were
fighting I told him about the wrist cutting thing straight
after we had our previous fight.

So great! Now I am a so called slut and a heartless bitch,
great! I feel fucking fantastic!

Boyd the one who I have been inlove with for a year and a
half says he wants to be my fuck buddie, great, the one who
I want to have a relationship with just wants to use me, he
said that we could use each other but be mates coz if we
had a real relationship we would probably treat each other
like shit, now thats not something that I wanna hear, coz
of all this stuff that has been happening, I have been so
upset, I have been crying for the last couple of days, but
I am sure I will get over it!

I don't think I am going to be in a relationship for a long
time, mainly because of the whole Boyd thing, but I am
really trying to get over him.

Well I am still inlove with Boyd, Tiko and Andy, as usual!

Love Rhiannon

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