2002-07-23 07:41:55 (UTC)

23 July 2002, 1540 Hmmm... what..

23 July 2002, 1540

Hmmm... what do you do when you have chosen the wrong
course and you are halfway through the mid-term already?
Interesting question, isn't it? I wonder what in the world
possessed me to do this. You are not interested in studying
in and are in danger of failing each subject that you take.
Maybe I should just say what Troy said: Wheeeeeee! What a
predicament! - and start shooting everybody.

Dread. This is what dread feels like.

My wisdom tooth is coming out. I don't feel any wiser. Just
sore gums and the knowledge that this nuisance will have to
be operated out because x-ray has shown that it is out of
position. Why bother to erupt when it is going to be taken
out? Why bother to live when you are going to die?