Poetic Soul
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2002-07-23 05:22:28 (UTC)

Letting Go

The girl that I spoke of in my last Journal Entry has left
me. You don't know how much that devestated me. It hurt me
so much. My heart felt like it was going to cease working.
At that moment nothing in life mattered. I just wanted her
back. I wanted her to love me again like she did at one
time. All the pain and anger built up in me. I felt like I
should hate her for wha she did to me. Making me feel that
same pain that I felt in the past. My love being used
against me again. All that pain and anger, and at the
sametime my love for her. Even though she put me through
hell I still loved her. Awhile back I remember I told her
that I would love you no matter wha u said, or did to me.
As I was sittin there on the edge of tears thinking about
everything that memory popped in my head. Telling her that
I would love her no matter what. At that moment all the
pain just washed away. The hurt the anger, the hate inside
of me just washed away, and then I could breathe again.I
forgave her for everything that she did. And when u forgive
someone it is suppose to be unconditional. That means that
I can't hold any grudge against her. I just want to let her
know that I still love her wit all my heart and soul. I
know she remember the same promise i made to her. No matter
what I say or do remember that I will always love you. Yeah
I knows she remembers.