~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
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2001-07-04 00:35:29 (UTC)

Blake, I think

I had so much fun today!! We decided that we were going to
cook out today and tomorrow. So as soon as we started
grilling the pork chops, it started raining. I didn't want
to go in, so me and my mom sat outside in the rain and made
the pork chops. We got so wet that I had to peel my
clothes off of me!! It was a strange experience. And now
I am watching The Wizard of Oz. I love this movie. It is
so cool. I have been thinking about Blake and Kevin all
week. Well, since Saturday. I talked to Kevin on
Saturday. But the entire time I was on the phone, I was
thinking about Blake. I mean, I love Kevin. I really do.
But I think I love Blake even more. He loves Blink like
me, and my mom actually lets me talk to him. Unlike
Kevin. She would Kill me if she even thought I was talking
to him. So I talk to "Jamie." I think I have already
explained about "Jamie." Every time Kevin calls from his
sister's house, since he can't call from his own because my
mom blocked his number, he says that his name is Jamie
because I'm not allowed to talk to him. It makes me sad.
I will have to look and see if I can find out if Blake has
an E-mail address anywhere on the internet. I also like
this other dude named Roger too!! I'll have to check him
out on the computer too!