2001-01-08 23:17:47 (UTC)

Dear Diary, 01-08-01 Sorry its..

Dear Diary, 01-08-01
Sorry its been so long. Only two days but long enough. I
had a good time at the party but didnt meet any new guys. I
found out why Kevin is mad at me. He keeps trying to hook
up with my friend Sandy but she has been hurt by him
before. The reason he is mad at me is because I told her
not to go out with him but im not sorry for that because I
dont think she should. Today Dallas asked me out again and
I told him I would think about it. Im not sure I should I
just dont think it would be right because im still so in
love with Matt but maybe thats the only way to get over him.
Today we started studying for exams and I know its going to
be hard this year but ill live I always do. So anyway today
Steph seemed more upset than usual I think something
happened over the weekend but she wont tell me anything and
I dont know what to do im so lost. Well anyway I have to go
now. BYE LOVE:Hallie