Bad Kitty

Blood, and Sugar
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2002-07-23 04:45:28 (UTC)

Trash or Treasure?

So I went to the Great Lakes Medival Faire. It was fun
really it was. But there were a LOT of problems. I love my
friends, let me state that straight up. If anyone gives
them shit, they will get it from me.
Which would generally be the reason I've been kicking my
own ass.
I do hate myself sometimes. I know, Nikkie's not mad at
me, but I still feel horrible for what I did. And it's not
only that. Here let me explain.
We went to the medival faire. Me, Nikkie, Jess, Holly,
Caity, and Joe. Nothing happened at first. Every single
time I go to the faire, I get a rose from a guy. It's just
a thing that happens, so my friend Joe bought me a rose
because I was sad that I wouldn't get one. Then this guy
followed, Caity, Joe, and I. And started talking to Caity,
Caity is really shy and the guy was cute. So I started to
flirt with him, but nothing really happened. Then later on
I saw this cute guy at an archery booth, and I started
flirting with him. And he said if I came by later he'd give
me free lessons. So happily I left knowing i'd come back
later to flirt more. I told my friends about this
encounter, and was met a a few responses. Much later on in
the day however I was seperated from my friends, then when
I found them again they telling me to go away, and yelling
about me not metting him. It turns out they had picked a
guy, a cute one, and they didn't want me to meet him
because they knew I'd flirt with him. well that pissed me
off so what did I do? Flirt really bad with him. Then I
told him to go for my other friends, instead of me, and
they told him that I already had another guy. So ended up
with my one friend Holly. So a little annoyed, even though
I wasn't actually interested in that guy, it just annoyed
me how my friends were treating me. I went back and found
my archery guy. He was the one I really wanted to be with.
And he saw me, and told me to wait a second, and for a
moment I was afraid that he was dissing me, but then he
came out with a bow and arrows. he kept calling me his
lady, and was very nice and sweet to me, so I knew he liked
me. So he took his break and we went walking together. We
talked for awhile, switched numbers, and then he gave me a
card for a free hug, I gave it back and we hugged. Then we
did that for a little bit, and then walked some more
talking. Then he said he needed to get back to work. So we
hugged again, and then I kissed him, and we started
kissing, and then making out. He led me over to the privies
(bathrooms) and we kissed some more, and then he started to
rub on me, and I was uncomfortable I think he noticed so he
asked if it was okay, I told him no, and he stopped, then
we kissed some more, and then...well...I got bored. So I
told him I had to go back to my friends, and so we
seperated. I saw him later and my friends see us kissing
and him nibbling on my neck (That felt soooo good.) and my
friends Holly starts making fun of me for being easy, and
then practically tells my best friend's mother that I'm a
sleezy slut! Every starts joking around about how slutty I
am, and all this stuff. So basically I feel like trash, and
I feel easy because I was making out with him. Was that
such a bad thing? Should I have not kissed him so quickly?
Am I slut for flirting with three guys in one day? Am I
terrible for flirting with my friend's crushes? More later
for now my bed calls
*~*Bad Kitty*~*

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