Crystal Lai
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2002-07-23 04:26:51 (UTC)


This is my online diary. They couldn't have picked a
cheezier font, huh? Let me start off by introducing myself.
My name is Crystal, I'm asian american (and you better not
have any problems with that or you'll get a twinkie shoved
up your butt), and I'm twelve years old. You better not
have any problems with that, either. Heehee...before you
judge me for some rude, obnoxious, weirdo and get the
impression that all asian girls are as messed up as me, I
just want to let you know that I'm actually an ok person
and I'm not seriously out to get you. But if I smell a hint
of rascism, me and my yellow friends are going to attack
you with twinkies and bananas.

But anyway,um...what am I suppossed to do now? Oh yeah!
That's right. Pour out my feelings and let everyone know
exactly what I'm thinking. I'm thinking that I'm kind of
tired and about ready to go to bed.


That was a very nice first entry. I just wish I knew how to
change this font...