Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-03 23:37:07 (UTC)

Stealing Ideas

Sorry, GinsengQueen babe, but I've gotta steal the Things
That Suck/Things That Don't Suck idea!

Things That Suck:

1) Trying to lose weight when you work at a convenience
store, especially when you can buy a piece of pizza for 72
cents and an apple for 80.
2) Falling for a guy that lives 100 miles away, and will be
much further away when you go to college.
3) Cramps!
4) Confusing guys that wanted to see you at one time, and
then they decide they don't want to, and then they just
want to be "friends with privileges", and you like that
idea, so then you get all hyped, and then they decide that
they can't do it, so then they don't talk to you for
months, and then one day you get online and they've added
you to their contact list again and tell you that the
reason they stopped talking to you was because they just
didn't want to hurt you because they thought you wanted a
relationship when all you really wanted was some nice
healthy sex and that they're sorry and they want to hang
out again sometime, but they say it's not just because
they're horny and can't find someone else... really! (This
is especially hard when you start thinking about how big
their penis is. Really... this guy has got a huge penis.
I never saw it. Only felt it. It was huge!)
5) Having to decide whether it's a good idea to hang out
with the confusing guy, even after you've agreed with the
guy who lives 100 miles away that you can see other people,
as long as you don't tell each other about it and make each
other jealous.
6) Asking your ex-boyfriend who you've never really gotten
over for advice about the above situation, just to have him
tell you about how his girlfriend is treating him like shit
and how he wants to meet a girl from Kentucky anyway.
7) Not being able to watch My Best Friend's Wedding because
it's too depressing and you cry through the whole thing.
8) Deciding to postpone your bike ride until the evening
when it's cooler because it's 90 degrees outside, and then
it starts to storm and doesn't stop all evening.
9) Cramps!
10) Adam being gone for a week!
11) Cramps!
12) Not getting your raise on your 90th day of work because
they wait until the next full pay period when your 90th day
is the 2nd day of a 14 day pay period!
13) Not getting any feedback.
14) HTML! It pisses me off when it doesn't work!!!!
15) Cramps!
16) Having hairy legs and being too lazy to shave them.
17) Jason being weird. Like super weird. Telling my
sister that he thinks I'm pregnant with his child and
getting me into a fight with my mother because I told a
friend (who shouldn't have blabbed) he was a loser for
being an asshole to me.

Things That Don't Suck:

1) My computer. I love my computer. It's my friend. :)
2) Getting a new car. New cars are good, even if they're
used. Especially when they're Mitsubishi Eclipses!
3) Adam... (Even though I'm sure he sucks very well. Maybe
Jeremy does too... I mean, I guess it doesn't matter.
They both have big penises.)
4) The other Adam. He refuses to suck. Says that it just
smells too nasty.
5) The fact that I am 100% anonymous here and no one knows
who I am, so I can say all this stupid shit about big
6) Strawberries
7) Whipped cream and strawberries
8) America! Happy 4th of July!
9) Money
10) Not being allowed to wear shorts to work so you don't
have to shave your hairy legs if you're too lazy.
11) Bad jokes. Bad jokes are cool.
12) Cuddly guys.
13) Curve- men's or women's
14) Mirrors
15) Going to college in less than 2 months!
16) Knowing that your roommate isn't weird.

I have a ton more of these. I'll have to update later!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't
call me a slut or whatever just because I'm amazed by the
fact that both Jeremy and Adam have huge penises. :)