2002-07-23 01:12:04 (UTC)

Hero against bad system - rage against machine

Monday afternoon I was in big city. I was spamming some papers about my business. I was outside of City Metropolitan Train. After some minutes giving papers and smiles to people
that was exiting from subway two men in black came. They
said to me to go out of subway area. I thought it maybe the
squares my feet are. Then they said more to front. The lines
of area. I saw and saw no lines. The lines were erased by
time and use. After that and subway men went away. I went to
subway and asked to some worker. Reason I could not spam
paper in outside area of subway. He said it was not. He
did not know reason. I asked if it was because of subway
authorized marketing needs the space. He asked maybe it.
Well I sent an email to subway administration asking for
people to paint the lines and claiming about the bad way
two men in black treated me. I think if in a order of fight
the strong man has the reason. If I fought them and won I
could have the right to continue to spam paper of my
business there. But Govern said men in black of subway
can be police. Althought they have not any weapon the govern
say to crowds. Now you are safe because men in black are
police too and will protect you like real police. It is not
true and they are not good neither to be men in black.
Tonight I saw Carol. She was fine and maybe she was thinking
reason I called her in caller id. She was tripping but her
phone saved my call number. I saw Mel too. She was like ever
been. Sad and lone but she really does not know if some
people notices it.
Tomorrow will be the day I turn over the table and things
will good for every hero in world.