daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-07-23 03:38:58 (UTC)

Heaven Help Me

I just came from, shall I say, an eventful weekend. I
have learned several things--A.) Nikki and Doone have
officially broken up; B.) I am still an ego trip for Josh,
C.) I'm a horrible bowler, and D.) I am never drinking Baja
Rosa again. Now, time for elaborations. Shall I begin at
the beginning? But of course...

Friday during lunch N2 and I rented movies. The plan
was that I would go to Otway and spend a fun evening
hanging out with she, Jerud, and Ivan while playing cards
and watching the aforementioned movies. My job was to get
Smirnoff. However, I wanted some tequila. I had a wild
itch for some hard liquor for some reason. I have no idea
why; I usually don't drink much at all. L was supposed to
buy it for me, but a storm swept the area right when I got
off work and she refused to go out in the driving rain. So
I sweet talked my mother into buying it for me. Never in
my wildest dreams did I think that she would actually do
it, but at seven thirty I was on my way to Otway with a six
pack and bottle of Baja. Upon my arrival I discovered that
Doone was having a party and that we would go there when N2
and JU were finished watching "Shallow Hal". I saw it at
the theatre with N when it came out (wasn't too impressed
with it, by the way) and so I amused myself with Ivan for
two hours, which was a blast. He's the most fun male I've
ever hung out with, and he's barely six months old. Heh.
He's an ornery little shit, though. But I love him to

We went to the party. I was tipsy by then, having
drunk two Smirnoffs and had a few shots of Baja. I went
straight to the kitchen table at Dooners, where a bunch of
people were playing quarters. N took my tequila and and a
shot glass and passed out shots to everyone. She gave me
the most-I ended up having about eleven shots total the
entire evening. I was enjoying myself thoroughly, I'd had
a great day at work, my mom buying me booze, playing with
my godson... I was kind of drunk by then, talking and
laughing with everyone at the table. Josh was there, but I
refused to let him spoil my evening. N2 told me that he'd
said that I "looked hot" that night, though. Heh. Then
Jerud suggested that we go mudding in the Blazer. He and I
and N2 and a Marine went. It was fun, but the Marine kept
trying to cop a feel the whole time. Bastard. He didn't
though. When N2 and I got back to the party we were
laughing so hard and having so much fun. She was drunk
from too much beer, and we were holding each other up and
giggling like maniacs. Somehow we made it back to the
house and collapsed on the couch. That's when I got
sick. "I'm going to throw up, I'm gonna throw up!" was all
I could get out. N2 rushed me to the bathroom where I
stayed for quite some time.

And now I have to leave for a time. The rest of the story
will come later.