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2001-01-08 23:03:40 (UTC)

Whoa is me on this dreary..

Whoa is me on this dreary Monday... well no but I like the
phrase "Whoa is me"

I'm bored... I just got back from guitar it was strange
this week. I usually go and we have the lesson and then I
look around at all the cool stuff for sale then I leave.
This week for one my lesson was upstairs. I didn't even
know there was an upstairs! Then after the lesson, which I
seemed to do pretty good in since I hadn't been practicing
the "lesson stuff" just songs that I printed out. Well any
way... after the lesson I looked around for like a half
hour and I found all this stuff that I did not know
existed.. like I found these boxes of instrument cables for
50% off and I found used distortion pedals and other cool
crap. Needless to stay I was pretty excited! Then I came
home and went online and talked to Marissa for a little
bit.. verry little. I don't talk to her much anymore.
Very sad. I used to talk to her alot but oh well. She was
a big bitch at the beginning of the year... so I stopped
for a while... now I guess I'm starting again? its like a
new years thing I guess.

Today at school was boring and I was really tired. That
sums it up! I had alot of homework and I didn't bring any
books home so that means I gotta do it tomorrow in
breakfast so tomorrow breakfast isn't gonna be Shanen time!

I'm getting a job this summer too. Its probably going to
either be camp counseloring... I may have to volunteer to
do that which would blow... but anyway its going to be
counseloring or I'm going to get a job at some restaurant.
Bussing gets alot of $$ contrary to popular belief. Shanen
said 40.__ dollars a week... bussing with tips I could
probably make that in a night.. easily.. and not have to
stand out side rain or shine.. but thats besides the
point... I'm not saying Great Adventure is a bad job... but
I wouldn't do it because I'm too cool.

Heres the part where I take all the stuff from my opened

MonkiesNRhinos4E: my brother is downloading Nelly....
MonkiesNRhinos4E: what a loooozer
SurfinGirlie315: EWWW
SurfinGirlie315: Erase it
MonkiesNRhinos4E: i will
SurfinGirlie315: cool yo
MonkiesNRhinos4E: yes....
MonkiesNRhinos4E: yes.. i am
SurfinGirlie315: werd
MonkiesNRhinos4E: My tosies!
SurfinGirlie315: lol

JeSsIe8768: wsup
Auto response from MonkiesNRhinos4E: BABY GOT BACK!
I'll be right [baby got]BACK!
MonkiesNRhinos4E: JUMP ON IT
MonkiesNRhinos4E: JUMP ON IT
MonkiesNRhinos4E: JUMP ON IT
JeSsIe8768: lol
MonkiesNRhinos4E: Im soo bored.
JeSsIe8768: me2
MonkiesNRhinos4E: joy! to the world
MonkiesNRhinos4E: all the boys and girls
JeSsIe8768: lol

MonkiesNRhinos4E: Guess what!!!
XoXRoxybabeXoX: whats up
XoXRoxybabeXoX: what
MonkiesNRhinos4E: I'm bored... not much is up... and I had
a guitar lesson today... thats what... how aboot u?
XoXRoxybabeXoX: haha im doing hw!
MonkiesNRhinos4E: thats exciting... did you do the science
XoXRoxybabeXoX: i finished that in school
MonkiesNRhinos4E: Oh.... well aren't you a smarty pants
XoXRoxybabeXoX: no
MonkiesNRhinos4E: Okay, maybe you're not... but you're
pretty smart.. smarter then me.. but that doesn't say much
MonkiesNRhinos4E: I gotta go eat now... I'll be back... bye
XoXRoxybabeXoX: bye

MonkiesNRhinos4E: see ya
NymphGrl666: bye
MonkiesNRhinos4E: wouldn't wanna be ya
MonkiesNRhinos4E: OHHH SNAP!
MonkiesNRhinos4E: HAHHAhAHA
MonkiesNRhinos4E: I GOT YOU!
MonkiesNRhinos4E: OHHHH!!!
MonkiesNRhinos4E: woooohooo!

Thats all for right now... I'll probably right again
later.. maybe... maybe not... who knows...

By the way remember how I said I had fans?? That was

"Religion is the opiad of the masses" ~ Carl Marx