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2001-07-03 22:38:34 (UTC)

my dear.

in less than a month.
you feel out of love.
and back to lust...
in that short time.
we were us.
and you were mine.
so what is different about today.
things happen.
feelings change.
but what exactly.
does that.
you said not to break your heart.
i told you i couldnt.
and i am not falling apart.
now that you have been a fucking prick.
now that youre just so concerned.
with your dick.
now that you have turned from bright.
to faded.
now that the lights are dim
and youre just used and jaded.
now that you are everyone else
you are.
just like everyone else in my mind.
bonds breaks.
and trust is weakened.
the lies you make.
the promises of forever.
are empty and hollowed
because YOU choose to do so.
so dont tell me about fate.
and how you dont feel anymore.
dont tell me how you cant cry.
and dont tell me youre too full of hate.
dont lie to me anymore.
because i really dont care.
you have sacrified your friendship
with me.
so that you can live life
without love, beauty.
so that you may be apart of lies.
you rid yourself of intigrity.
and i will not cope with this.
i want no part of this.
of you.
of what could have been.
and i will think of this no more
you left ME
to be a fucking whore.