can I speak?
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2002-07-23 02:07:25 (UTC)

getting over it

Slowly but surely I am getting over him.
I catch myself thinking about the times we spent
together,and I tell myself to stop it. In a way I am glad
that he left. I've been wanting to get over him for a few
months but knowing that he was just a phone call away, I
kept in touch. Kept hoping that he would want to see me
again. He was nice about it. He talked to me, joked with
me. Even wished me happy weekends. Asked about what I did
on my weekends and seemed like he really cared about what I
But now that he's gone, we have lost touch. He said he
would call that he would keep in touch.
At first I was skeptical, but I gave him the benefit of the
doubt. I was too generous. He hasn't called. I don't think
he will. If he does he'll probably call when it's too late.
I won't be found.
I am getting over it. I feel myself getting stronger every
day. I no longer feel that pain in my heart when I think
about that I may never see or hear from him again. I just
feel acceptance. It's going to be a long time before my
memories fade completely, but I will never forget the
lesson. I will never repeat this mistake ever again.

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