A Demon's Tears
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2002-07-23 00:47:46 (UTC)

First time

Yeah... first time with a diary... w00t.

I feel sorry for the one I love(which I will not name)
She's in a huge ass mess and it's... bothering because I
want to help her but it's not that easy...

You see, she's one of those popular girls, but not
exactly. She's not stuck up, she's not -entirely- vain
(Sometimes she thinks highly of herself, but at least she
has reason!), and she's quite nice. And loving. Dear god,
she is! Now the problem is: every guy in her state seems to
notice this and want her! I dunno if they really like her,
or they are just horny, or lonely, but it's sad! Sad,
literally. Now I'm one of a million, and I had set myself
to NOT falling for her before she said a few things and
BLAM, here I am! Luckily, and so fucking shockingly, she
loves me back! I mean, we're talking hot material, the
cream of the crop, and she loves me. ME! ME, for gods sake!

Now, I cant talk many people because... well... I know
these guys! And I know people who know them, and I know the
ones they know. I cant tell them! If I do, either they're
heart broken, lose all interest in Cathy, or they are out
for blood. -my- blood. In ANY case, I'm fucked! She's
fucked! So we keep it a secret. They just think I'm her
best friend. It's all good, though. Well, I'm off. Cya
later peeps!