Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-07-03 22:05:47 (UTC)

events of the past few days

OK I have know Idea where to start:
I think Ill do this give a quick run down and then go into
greater detail one part at a time,Got up fri smashed to SF
stopped on my way to get some food and met a beatiful junkie
Hit the city met a street magician got drunk met some girls
went to ocean till the morning.got an hours sleep hit the
warpped tour met some friends top story hot tub chillin,
started home made it here got 2 hours sleep got up bought a
hat at the wal-mart {yeah I actully bought somthing at wall
mart hit the warpped tour in tahoe met up with the homeboys
there and girly I guesss Im still mad for.
then just now I hit a phone call...
Anyways you may question why I wrote this I really wanna
tell you who all these poeple were and how the enents
played out but Ill probly never get time.Ill try though.

I feel good now though I felt free for a moment and
rembered how life used to be and the feelings I used to know
I feel renewed and more then willing to continue the square
life I m livivg now.Im back now and my head seems to be
straight again and Ill write more later.....
with love spitfire