~~~~my dramatic life~~~
2001-07-03 21:53:18 (UTC)

I have a freaken 13/14 guy liking me!

This is my first entry in here and alreadyits dramatic.
*signs* thats my life, its always full of crazyness. I'm 16
ys old and my mom's friend, nancy told her 13 yr old son,
steve that i like him and now he reallybeleves her and is
emailing me and iming all this stuff. aah. he's really nice
and stuff but to young and not my taste. i mean cmon its
like me wanting to date a 19 yr old!! i'm bored. 2marrow is
july 4th and i'm going to my grandparents condo on the
beach and then the pool and watching and shooting fireworks
up. its gonna be fun! =). i'm all ready all tan - burnt.
hehe. i live in fl, so duh. i'm italian s i kinda have the
natural tan.atleast thats what my best friend, katie says..
i dunno. lol. well i g2g, buh bye