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2002-07-23 00:11:56 (UTC)

Stupid rachel

My best friend in the whole world did'nt write me back from
camp. wat the hell is up with that, she said she would
write to me and natalie who are her est friends in the
world but she did'nt. instead she wrote to a 17 year old
guy who she is in love with and the guy (erez is his name)
is'nt even friends with her. and she also wrote someone she
barely knowes, suisy's friend julia who she's only met like
once. i cant belive her. she did'nt write to her 2 best
friends but she wrote to 2 ppl she doesent even kno. i cant
belive her. i'm pissed, and shes been like so mean to
natalie lately, like jus be4 she left 4 camp. I"m so
pissed, well anyway, today was a borring day, i'm never in
the mood to eat anymore and i hope i'm not getting
anorexic!!! that would suck, but whenever i weigh myself i
always have gainned a pund so i jus dont feel like eating
even if i kno i'm hungry. but i'm growing a lot taller so i
kno it's normal togain weight. my face is always pale and i
hate it. and i always have dark circles under my eyes that
i always need to cover up with loads of concealer. my boday
is really tan cuz i spend a lot of time in the sun, but my
face is always pale, i hate it so much, i look dead or
something. i take pills and evorything for my skin,
vitamins i mean, and they work really well for breakouts, i
never get pimples anymore, but i'm pale soooo much in my
face and those darkcircles. omg!!!

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