Dirty Fractyl
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2002-07-23 00:08:01 (UTC)

living in my brain and having my conversations

I only got to talk for a few precious moments to this great friend
Chance of mine, but his naivete did feed my muse. It is so obvious
he believed me about the elves! (*rolleyes*wink*)

SHoT BR: elves are out to steal your urine
krunko: sweet
SHoT BR: they're using it for fuel in their little elf
mobiles, they run on urine
SHoT BR: and there is only one requirement for their urine
SHoT BR: it has to be free of contaminents
SHoT BR: these include alcohol, and other drugs
SHoT BR: they found you, and decided you were a good target
for urine
krunko: cool
krunko: energy effecient?
SHoT BR: well, the higher your urine is in acid, the more
energy they get
SHoT BR: thus, they benefit from when you are sick the most
SHoT BR: they need people with acidic urine
SHoT BR: but not contaminated on the same hand
SHoT BR: this produces a problem since cough syrups often
contain alcohol
SHoT BR: but such is the life of the elf

SHoT BR: i want to write soap operas too
SHoT BR: i know how to make things pull on peoples emotions
SHoT BR: women would be all like "GOD I HOPE CASEY GETS HIS LIVER
SHoT BR: and they'd all rush to their television to watch my stupid

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