lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-07-22 21:25:27 (UTC)


ok so i had 3 dreams about dying in a single night. and
since i usually have meghan or britt analyze my crazy
dreams, here they are. haha be afraid.

1) i was at a party for myself, and everyone was talking
to me and it was really fun. i ate some weird food,
though, and decided i would go upstairs to brush my
teeth. the house wasn't mine, though- it was the house
from sixteen candles. haha. anyway, i went up to the
bathroom and got out the toothpaste & my toothbrush
and started brushing my teeth. all of a sudden, i looked
down and realized that i had been taking off my clothes
while i was brushing my teeth. someone knocked on
the door and all the walls collapsed and i was on a
movie set, where all my friends were looking at me
naked. i was screaming and after they stared at me for
a full minute, they started scratching me & pulling my
hair & i died on the floor.

2) i was walking along an empty highway and i saw
what i thought was a baby out in the middle of a field. i
ran out to the middle, to find that it was a deer. it
climbed in my lap and i was petting it for a few minutes,
and all of a sudden, it doubled in size and started
kicking me and trampling me.

3) i was on a jolly jumper thing wearing a bathing suit i
had in 3rd grade. suddenly, people started adding
water to it and i was slipping around in the water. a
mom ran up and said, "john, get off that right now!" and
the little boy i was with ran away. before i could do
anything, the entire jolly jump collapsed around me and
i suffocated.

ok i really don't have a disease. i might mention that i
had these while at kristen's mom's house. hmm.
that's all i have to say.