No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-07-22 19:56:50 (UTC)

I am fine!

hey! I got a couple relpys asking if I was ok...yes I am
fine! And no, Jess, no beating people up. lol. But thanks
for offering! :D Its nothing I cant just forget about or
shove to the back of my mind as I have done
before...nothing to worry about...really!
Well, its storming outside...its so pretty! I love it! Yes,
I'm weird...leave me alone. :)
I think I'll leave now and stuff of that nature. Talk to
you guys later!
" can't see me...I am INVISIBLE!"-me to Jess
(something to make you laugh Jess)
...if you don't know about this you are incredibly would have had to be there.