Living in my Moments
2001-07-03 20:22:27 (UTC)

Love's meanings

I believe your definition of love grows as you mature and
love more often. Let me put it into an example. Imagine
love is fishing. The first time you go fishing, you have no
idea what your doing. You just throw the line into the
water and wait. The second time you go fising (or fall in
love) Your a little more experienced, so this time you put
a worm on the end and THEN put the line in. By the third
time, you use a certain kind of bait, go at a certain time
of day, and fish in a certain part of the lake. Your more
experienced about he topic now and you've learned and grew
each time you've fallen in love. Now, just becasue you feel
more strongly about your love for the newest boyfriend
doesn't mean you didn't love you older boyfriends. And it
doesn't mean yuo loved them more either. All it means is
your more experienced now and you know how to grasp the
love you have and hold on to it.
Love is the most mysterious thing of a human being. Love
can start out of can can slow down,
and as much as you may deny it, it can even stop (I have
experienced this one myself) There is no reason at all. And
if someone stops loving you. Trust me, it's not your fault.
It just wasn't meant to be. You'll have many broken hearts.
But don't worry. Broken hearts mend just as good as a
broken arm or leg. And it may happen quicker than you
think. Take care and I hope all this helps you all. Love
you all! Hayley