No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-07-03 20:22:12 (UTC)


hey. i didnt know my friends read this soo hi guys!!!!!
Well, whats going on in my crazy life?? Nicka nd alisha
broke up yet again. i think it's the 6th time...but with
them you never know! anyways...i knew it would happen
sooner or later. An hey you guys....dont ask dumb questions
like "did you know he was gunna do it before he did?" cuz i
respect nick's privacy and you'll never find out!

anywyaz....i really really miss my dad. life sucks without
i might go to the brandon mall tonight. that will be fun!
but i dont know. I might also go tomorrow.

well, i really have nothing to say!!! talk to you
laterz!!!! bye!!!!!

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