Living in my Moments
2001-07-03 20:07:20 (UTC)

Utter Randomness of Life

I think life consists of many things but to me, it consists
of 3 most impotant (both recieving and
giving) family (the people you care about in general. They
don't HAVE to be blood...or actually related. Just people
you love) and the last, Your own thought, goals, dreams.
They all go together becasue they're all things your mind
invisions before things can ever happen. Of course, life is
full of so many other things but they all start with either
love, family, or your mind. Keep in your heart the memories
ou have and the choices ou make. We all mistakes but can we
make up for them? Take you time on life...It'll go by
faster than you think.

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