Living in my Moments
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2001-07-03 19:55:50 (UTC)

True friend?

Hello, my name is Hayley. I have a problem. I don't know
about you, but MY definition of a friend is a person I can
rely on for comforting when I need it. I'll explain my
situation: My best friend is a guy. He's the sweetest guy I
know...when he CAN be, but I did something that he didn't
rise to favor and, yet, neither did I. I have always
listened to him when he needed someone to listen and I have
always tried my hardest to help him through everyday life.
I love him with all my heart and even though I've tried to
do as much as I can to keep his little world happy, I've
asked for nothing in return. I've never gone to him with
any of my problems becasue it didn't matter to me. I love
him so I WANT to help him. I don't NEED anything in return.
But the one time I could use comforting and at least
a "sorry" for he situation I'm in, he criticized me and
called me horrible things because of what I had done. Now,
I can't say what I did but that to me is not being a good
friend and I have done everything in my part to try to be
the best of a friend to him as I could. I think I deserve
at least a little sympathy, dont you? But...I guess it's
too much to ask for from him. But becasue I love him, I'm
STILL going to try to be as best of a friend as I can to
him. I never want to see him as sad as I am. I love you,
Nick....But everyone makes mistakes. Well, today's writings
are over now. I'm out!