Bubble Baby
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2001-07-03 19:53:16 (UTC)

What's the deal with roosters?

So i'm sleeping this morning and there was this loud
knocking on my front door - mind you it's 7:40 a.m. so I
just rolled right back over and thought nothing of it. Well
my friend, Patty, gets up and answers the door and who is
standing there? Jim!! Ok so it's 7:40 and he wanted to go
somewhere and i'm like 'Dude - you woke me up! You think i
wanna go somewhere with you after that?' Geesh - I could
see if he called first and asked ,but no that's to hard for
a guy to understand.
Anyway! My day has pretty much been bumming around the
house and finding out some sad stuff that I do not care to
say all over my diary. Right now i'm working on a remodeled
version of Patty's Page - we're changing a lot about it so
that's cool. Ok well that's all for now - more later!

To my Irish Drunk - I miss you!!!
To my Butterfly - We need to get together sometime soon.
and to my Bitch - get back over here - NOW!

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