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2002-07-22 17:44:34 (UTC)

Death Wish on a Stick

That is what John called Spice when he saw her early this
morning sitting right in the middle of the road. *If you're
going to sit there and let yourself get run over,* he said,
*you could at least go down the street a ways so we won't
have to scrape your little body off the asphalt.* Well,
that wouldn't work anyway. She has one of those tags on her
collar with her name and our phone number on it. She
finally sauntered off, regal as ever.
I went on my medicine walk at 6:30 a.m. this morning. It
was warm but not too warm and the two miles went by quickly.
I think I'm going to aim for an early start from now on,
especially as the weather prediction is for a prolonged hot
spell. I often see funny and strange things on my walks.
Yesterday it was an old woman standing in her yard with her
cat. She was using a rope as a leash. The strange part
was that the rope was huge and heavy. I have no idea why
the cat was on a leash either. They were just standing
there, the lady looking up in a tree at something. Today I
saw a man getting ready to go to work. He was carrying what
I supposed was his lunch--a two liter bottle of Pepsi and a
huge sack of chips. I guess he doesn't have a wife to pack
him a lunch and he doesn't want to do it himself.
I bought peaches and apples today and plan to make a couple
of pies when the weather cools off a little bit. It's
supposed to be *only* in the mid 80's later in the week.