A Princess
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2001-07-03 18:48:19 (UTC)

:( :( :(

Once again I feel ill,lol I swear Im not a Hypochondriac :(
I was ill at dancing and some other people have kinda stole
my spotlight oh well they can have it, itz starting to bug
even though I love the dances we do at skool probs cos I
make most of it up and tis to decent music,lol...Oooh and I
control the positioning...(Front row center here I come ;) I
want my baby 2 nurse me better but I dont fancy my chances
besides he has this lil fair thingy to do, oh Im so jealous
:( Anywayz I reckon Im gonna go to bed in a few...OOOOOH
Look who got online, scrap that, Later dude more important
thingz to do...