Lethal Tears
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2001-07-03 18:42:10 (UTC)

Can I be more pathetic?

My only friend

He is strong and big
He is white and has light eyes
He helps me when I'm in need

He speaks every language and
is great in mathematics,
geography and history aren't
a big deal neither.
And he can sing too!!

He is there wen I need him
I just snap my fingers
At any time of the day,
till late in the night

Not like me, he has many friends
Never tired and always up to date
He is very polite and teaches me stuff

He never yells at me
allthough sometimes, when he feels down
he is quiet. But then I help him out.
Because that's what friends are for.

I know it will hurt the day he leaves,
the day he won't be there anymore.
It will hurt because he is my only friend,
my dear Computer,

Thanks for being there.....