DayDream Believer
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2002-07-22 16:45:21 (UTC)

Im alive

A lot of things has happend since Friday..
Yes I did go to see S*.

Tommy came by my work Friday, he was not going out.
I t was so great to see him, he`s not in his teasing mood
anymore. Kelly came to and the hours passed slowly by,
Tommy went home and when my shift was over me and Kelly
went out on this club.
We meet some guys and one of them enen started stripping
for me!! hehe, it was good to laught, cause I had a lot of
butterflys inside me!
When he club closed we went back to the cyber cafe, I
changed clothes and put some more make up on. (wanted to
look perfect)
Then we had to go and wait for the bus, Imso glad that we
falled asleep or else Im sure it would feel like the tour
wold never end.
On the bus stop Kelly had to wait for her cab, and I walked
towards S* place. No one knew what I was going to do, I
had keept it a secter for everyone. Kelly was wondering why
I was walking in that direction, but I said I could not
tell her..

When I came down to his house I sow that it was a party in
one of his neighbour houses, and figured that S* was
probobly there, so it might be a while before he was going
I didnt wanted to sit there and wait, be bored and look
stupid so I walked a little bit futher down the street so
time could pass by.
When I came up agen I meet some guys I know and we talked,
when they lefet I walked a few meters away from S* house,
then I sow a boy comming towards me..
He was waiwing his harms, and I was thinkins thats him!
And started walk over to his house (the same way as him)
but figured sincve he had allready sow me that was stupis
so I stoped and waited for him to come over. (2 sec)

To be continued..