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2001-07-03 18:21:51 (UTC)

Blood Mask of the Immortal

I was thinking today, man. This is going to be the name for
my Samurai-metal band.
The phrase of course, is a reference to Hiroaki Samura's
comic book story series, Blade of the Immortal, which is
about an immortal samurai who runs around and kills lots of
More specifically, it is a reference to this issue about
halfway through the series where this guy paints a toy mask
with blood. Pretty wicked. Anyway, masks are kind of cool,
and I guess they're pretty metal. And immortal stuff is
pretty metal. And blood is DEFINITELY metal. And, well, I
didn't want to rip of the comic book in its entirety,
though it is a good series.
So by making a phrase out of a concept from the series, I
feel I have properly synthesized the story without
Blood Mask of the Immortal. Samurai-metal.

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