The Nightshade Princess
2002-07-22 14:35:15 (UTC)

Legally dead

My father is not so willing to give mother custody.
He has tried everything in the book to get me back: he has
tried to settle the monetary things from the beginning of
the divorce, so that she has no leverage. He has avoided
and tried to convince everyone that he was such a wonderful
father, and that my mother "coerced" me into leaving him
against my will. All my father ever used me for was a
goddamned maid, a groping toy in former years, a verbal
punching bag, and as a means to get back at my mother. In
the later months, he wouldn't even buy food for me! My
MOTHER would come by with groceries!!! I would make a
list, as my father would tell me to do, then he would get
maybe 1 or 2 things off the list and forget there rest, and
that's only if he ever got around to it. He wouldn't give
me medical care for months when it was obviously very
necessary, and my mother was begging him for weeks. We all
know what else he used to do to me.... now it looks like I
have a court battle ahead of me. I may have to testify,
and I don't want to do that. I don't do well under
pressure. I'm actually scared of the guy in some ways I
cannot describe and do not fully understand. I must go
now... I must call one of my advisors about this.

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