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2001-07-03 18:07:55 (UTC)

oh your god!


Non-uniform day today, Alice looked really cool in her red
and black striped tights, black dress and red t-shirt, so
different from the sea of baggy jeans that was everyone
else. i feel like a prep, no originality whatsoever, oh

We argued with Mr. Smart in RE about religion but in the
ned he got upset because something we said reminded him of
how his father walked out on him as a child, no emotion
shown, just sensed.

Then I went on to do awfully in sports day. Crap.

Then Jas and I walked home, he was picking me up because
mum couldn't make it but instead of taking the bus we
walked for an hour, I didn't think we'd make it, I'm proud
but I wish I could walk more often, become a lot healthier.

All day my nose was running, i can't believe I've got a
cold in the middle of summer...